Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Does manufacturing have a future in Australia?

Following is an article taken from The Conversation - http://www.theconversation.edu.au/ and provides some great insights into the importance of the industry as a generator of R&D and expertise and a key enabler for other industries.

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Does manufacturing have a future in Australia?

This question has now been brought sharply into focus, as industry leaders and unions pressure the Federal Government to consider new measures to safeguard Australia’s struggling manufacturers, and a pessimistic outlook takes hold.

In addition, recent downsizing and closures of major facilities such as BlueScope’s export operations at Port Kembla raise the further question of whether a amanufacturing decline matters to us anymore.
The current squeeze on manufacturing is seen by the Productivity Commission, Reserve Bank and financial market commentators as inevitable “structural change” by which productive inputs are reallocated to the resource sector to achieve a higher return.

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