Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gaps in Manufacturing Performance

We previously posted about the performance of, predominantly Queensland, manufacturers between
2004 and 2013. The data we gathered revealed two significant trends. First, manufacturing performance increased by 1% over the ten year period, which we believe to be a positive sign, and our further studies also reveal that this performance was steady with nominal growth over a period which contained the Global Financial Crisis and significant natural disasters.

We have now released part two of our studies that look at the last ten years of manufacturing and have found some interesting key findings:

  • To increase performance,manufacturers first look to plant and equipment and to engage employees in this effort
  • When the environment changes,manufacturers are motivated to realign their strategy accordingly
  • Investment to support this change is focused on technology
  • Cycle times and people development are the most affected when significant change impacts
To get a better understanding of our findings and to read the full report please click here to read more: