Monday, February 20, 2012

Middle managers are holding back innovation

So it's the middle managers fault that we aren't innovating! I knew it!!

I'm unfairly framing what is a very good post from Paul Hobcraft on Innovation Excellence. He says that middle managers are often too focused on delivery operational objectives when they are the key to innovation execution. Hobcraft offers a staged approach to remedy this:

1. Core competences need to be changed
2. We need to focus the middle manager on different learning concepts
3. Working the innovation learning ‘muscles’ through the three learning loops
4. Apply a coaching framework
5. Use the ADKAR methodology of change

As with the Theory of Constraints principle, it makes sense to address the constraint of innovation, if in fact it is the middle manager. I suspect this is partly true. The challenge for our clients (SMEs) is the same challenges felt by middle managers, as Hobcraft suggests, is felt across the whole business. Neverthless the approach is still valid.

Click here to read the full article.

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