Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News coverage of Obama's $1 billion initiative to boost manufacturing

Some recent news coverage from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers on Obama's announcement to boost manufacturing:  

CNN (3/9, Aigner-Treworgy) reported, "President Barack Obama traveled Friday to a Rolls-Royce jet engine facility in Virginia, where he outlined a proposed network for manufacturers to share 'access to cutting edge capabilities.' Obama, speaking in Prince George, said the National Manufacturing Innovation Network is meant to link industry stakeholders in a national conversation about best manufacturing practices. The cost of the president's new proposal is $1 billion, but the White House is committed to creating a pilot program using appropriated funds from various departments, rather than waiting for Congress to approve funds requested in the president's budget."
        The Washington Post (3/10, Wilson) reported, "The centers would bring together industry, colleges and universities, and government agencies, as well as invest in new technologies, to help train workers for what the president has called the manufacturing jobs of the future. Obama also announced steps to use executive authority to authorize $45 million in existing resources to develop a pilot program for those institutes. The money does not require congressional approval, which he joked during his remarks was hard to come by."
        Bloomberg News (3/9, Runningen) reported, "Each of the technology hubs would focus on a specific manufacturing technology geared to the region, such as developing lightweight materials for use in next-generation automobiles, aircraft, ships and trains."
        Voice of America (3/9, Robinson) reported Obama said, "We have got to have this all across the country. I want everybody thinking about how are we making the best products, how we are harnessing the best ideas, and making sure they are located here in the United States. And sparking this network of innovation across the country it will create jobs and will keep America in the manufacturing game."
        Also covering the story are the Los Angeles Times (3/10, Hennessey), McClatchy (3/10, Clark), the National Journal (3/10, Quinton, Subscription Publication), The Hill (3/9, Sands), the Milwaukee Business Journal (3/9, Rovito, Subscription Publication) and other media sources.

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