Monday, April 9, 2012

US Automotive Sector: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

Apologies in advance... as a long-time Monty Python fan, I had to re-post this given the headline. Besides that, the article provides an interesting take on the resurgence ot the US auto industry from Manufacturing Executive.
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The U.S.automotive industry has reprised the role made famous in a classic Monty Python sketch: One lucky soul about to be cast atop a heap of bodies cries out, “I’m not dead yet.”

It’s hard to believe, but just a few years ago, many in the United States saw fit to toss the Big Three automakers on the undertaker’s pile. Through a powerful combination of innovation, regulation, and reconciliation, mixed with a healthy dose of luck, the automotive industry has picked itself up off the pile.

In the afterlife, Ford has made billions. Across town, GM has done the same. Meanwhile, Chrysler has managed to turn its red ink black, albeit at a slower pace. The troika’s March sales numbers, released this week, show an industry on the rise.

The question is how it happened. The answer, of course: It took a crisis. Most of us are familiar with the basic plot of this epic resurgence.

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